Ty Patterson – Burn Rate: Book Review

burn rate

Burn Rate, being my first experience of a Ty Patterson book, was a unique and weird experience. The formula, narration, and plot structure are very different from the mainstream books in the Action – Thriller genre. While most Special-ops, Counter-terror books are gritty and brutal, this felt like a Young-Adult/Teen book and may not necessarily be a bad thing.

The plot is divided into two parts which can act as two different books which connect to each other. Here, 60% of the book from the beginning takes place in NY where Zeb Carter and his team of operatives investigate a series of arsons which lead to a major attack on the G20 Summit. They know it’s going to happen but have trouble finding out who’s doing it, how or why.

The team of covert operatives here work with the NYPD and the FBI to share resources. This is weird because a Black Ops team works with secrecy in the dark and never meets with official law enforcement.

I couldn’t get much of the context of what the characters talk about or even get a feel of them as this book is designed for those who read according to the order of the series. Since I started with the third book in the second series of this literary universe, it was like watching a mid-season episode in a series without seeing the first few seasons.

The operatives have a supercomputer that is emotionally attached to its programmers and it has had relationships with other supercomputers. Though this was funny, it made the book not serious.

White Supremacists and an elite assassin work two separate sides of an attack in the first half. These plots seem unconnected but the mystery and suspense are shown quite well in how the Covert ops team faces these threats on two fronts.

The second half of the book, which felt like the sequel, is set in Iran and reads like a good counter-terrorism book. The planning and preparation which is done by a joint team of Americans and Israelis build the tension. But the foreshadowing in the plot makes it clear what’s going to happen but how it’s going to happen is a mystery until the end.

This is a light read if you want fun characters, minimum violence, and a good mystery to keep you curious. I hope the other books in the Zeb Carter series have a bit more action. But on the whole, this book is very well researched and the author deserves credit for that.


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