Players involved in my new book: Alaskan Storm (Part 1 of Blood Stone Impact – An action-adventure technothriller)

With the first e-book in the Taskforce COBALT Action-Adventure series about to release in a few hours, here’s a sneak-peak/teaser into the major characters involved in the conflict. Remember to order it and enjoy a thrilling ride as a virtual #COBALToperator.


  1. Chris Flynn – Former SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU) operator who was honorably discharged at the age of 22. He studied Medieval Archeology at Harvard and is fluent in over ten languages. Current status: Private contractor/Freelance gun-for-hire specializing in chasing myths and legends.


  1. Neha Rao – Former Indian Para Special Forces Commando turned logistics and security manager for Flynn.


  1. Nick Park – Former Major in the 75thRanger Regiment who is also a microbiologist. Currently involved in cancer research at a remote island in Alaska. He lost his wife to cancer and lost hope and faith in his country.


  1. Colonel Harold Ryan – Former element leader of the 1stSpecial Forces detachment Delta and is the founder/director of Taskforce COBALT. He owes his life to Nick Park.


  1. Damian Blood – Former MARSOC squad leader and the current commander of field team Hounds at COBALT. He has studied Psychology and Mechanical Science and is a brilliant inventor of defense technology. He’s recovering from a recent trauma that he suffered at the Arctic. This giant, bulky operator loves to leave behind serious damage in his wake. Callsign: Bloodhound.


  1. Logan Tanner – Former SEAL Team 3 sniper who has finished an MBA in International Business. This redhead is Damian Blood’s lifelong friend and shares his sense of humor. He is the Hounds team’s glue. Callsign: Redwolf.


  1. Will Lark – Former Green Beret intelligence specialist who still has faith in the spiritual. He survived the ghettos and Afghanistan with pure skill. He’s the Hounds team’s demolition and K9 expert. Callsign: Stealth-hound


  1. Buck – He’s a three-year-old St.Bernard who is Lark’s partner and COBALT’s mascot. This canine is an expert in Search And Rescue(SAR) and hopes to do something other than save Cap. Blood in the field.


  1. Linda Moore – She’s trained with the DIA and at the Strategic Studies Institute to be an expert at analysis. Col.Ryan uses her as his chief operations manager.


  1. Sheriff Edna Morgan – NewLeaf Island County’s Sheriff and Park’s friend. She’s untrained and untested in combat but is fast to learn.


  1. Dominic Quill – Data Classified.


  1. Nate McCain – He’s a self-made billionaire who served in the 75thRanger Regiment in the 80’s. Park works for McCain in NewLeaf Labs.


  1. Darius Cross – Data Classified.


Prepare to be mind-blown at the outrageously treacherous chaos that is churning in Alaskan Storm. Order it here for just $0.99


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